I'm a game developer from cologne. On this website I share some of my work.


A collection of non-commercial games I made. They are all available on my itch.io-page. Some of them are hobby or game jam projects. Others are university projects.

Dungeon Pusher Critical is a rogue-inspired tactical puzzle game. As a statue that has come to life, you will explore challenging dungeons. Push your friendly statues back and forth on the battlefield to outwit your enemies. Defeat your opponents with a planned heavy blow and solve puzzles. Can you fight and think your way through the dungeon?

Void Pilot is a relaxing flight shooter with slow pace and focus on atmosphere. The game was made for the Game Makers Toolkit Jam '21 for the topic "Joined Together". It was developed by one person in 48 hours.

It's a relaxing hand drawn strategy game about light and shadow. You play as a group of shadow fairies scattered in a dark forest, threatened by a mysterious glowing orb. The lost fairies have to find each other and gather under a tree to combine their power and find a way back home. They always have to anticipate which spots the light may hit in the turn, because once hit by light, a fairy petrifies.


Fenster is an experimental short film completely drawn with water color and ink. The Animation is made with After Effects.

MTV Unplugged Gentleman Making Of is the official making of for the MTV Unplugged Gentleman show. I worked on this project as director. Watch here.

On The Road is a documentary about an oldtimer rallye from Bremen to Shanghai. We travelled for 6 weeks by car. I worked on this project as director. Find the movie on Amazon.


I'm a creative professional from Germany, working in Cologne as game developer at Massive Miniteam. Before that I worked as a freelance web designer and director/author for film and television.

2021: Graduated in “Game Development & Research” at Cologne Game Lab>

2012: Graduated in “Film and Television (Direction)” with Bachelor of Arts

2012 Bachelor Thesis - "Die Konstruierte Wirklichkeit im Film"

bachelor thesis lukas fabry

2020 Master Thesis - "The Impact of Diegetic User Interfaces on Immer-sion in Digital Games"

master thesis lukas fabry

Certified Web Designer

Certified JavaScript Developer

Certified PHP Developer

Certified Online Marketing Manager


To learn more about me, start a new project together or just say hello, e-mail me:


If you just want to stalk me online, find me on:


Johann-Mayer-Str. 14
51105 Köln


+49 176 / 553 471 65



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